Kensington Bank

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Mission Statement: To be a trusted partner in the financial success of our customers one relationship at a time and give back to the communities we serve.

Our Values:

Integrity— We will act honestly and fairly at all times, upholding the highest ethical principles.

Respect— We will treat others with dignity, and respect the rights and beliefs of our fellow employees, customers, and communities.

Excellence— We challenge ourselves to consistently deliver the highest level of customer service and hold ourselves to exceptional standards in all that we do, both personally and professionally.

Stability— We commit to being a reliable and constant presence for our customers and communities.

Committed Employees— We strive to be a positive workplace where employees find opportunity and a sense of purpose to reach their full potential.

About the Sprout: You may have noticed the cute little sprout that adorns our logo and may have wondered what that’s about. The sprout is the color of green, the color of growing things, and a sprout is often the start of something big. We envision our combined banks growing as you, our customers grow.

About Kensington: The original Kensington is an affluent borough in the city of London, England. It is a rich and solid sounding name which is probably why a railroad official bestowed it upon the site of the planned Minnesota city in 1887, the city in which the home office of the Bank was founded. "Kensington Bank" brings the name of the community to the forefront which is what we are about. Our communities and the people in them.

Your Future. Your Bank.: Enough said!


About Our Banks